A Pretty Posy & a Love Letter on the Breakfast Table

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck” said Emma Goldman, renowned anarchist, writer and philosopher.

Sadly I don’t have roses here in Antigua, as you all know how much I love them (Seduction in a Rose Garden). But how wonderful to have a posy of flowers on the breakfast table in the morning.

It is a beautiful way to start the day with a cup of tea and a wander outside to see what is in bloom. Even what we call weeds, elegantly arranged, can look stunning and will fill your heart with joy for the day ahead.

Today I gathered purple Bougainvillea, yellow Marigold and green bamboo leaves. The colours look so pretty together.

A tropical posy
A tropical posy

I toyed with the idea of a clear glass vase but then found that this highly patterned pottery vase (this one from KTU Unterstab, available on ebay and etsy) looked much more interesting.

Posy in a vase
Posy in a vase

I added napkins in rings, elegant blue agate coasters (similar available on amazon) and a scented candle by Nest to complete the centrepiece.

Breakfast table arrangement
Breakfast table arrangement

Lovers old and young could collect and arrange the flowers and handwrite a love letter: for inspiration have a look at these beautifully written Victorian poems on Pinterest by Amy Jones. What a delight for your lover to wake to something truly special on an ordinary morning. Let everyday be extraordinary.

I hope you enjoy and feel inspired. Have a wonderful day.

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