Dance in a Teacup – tell a story with your Table Art

Take the dancer out of the dance. You are left with a dress that moves alone to the music. Eloquent yet expressionless the dance must go on.

Hossein Valamanesh, a modern artist, has a beautiful art installation in the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art based on the poetry of Rumi (UNESCO celebrated the year of Rumi in 2007) that brings this to life. The dance portrayed is the Sufi dance, or dance of the whirling dervishes. I listened to Valamanesh talk in Sydney in 2002 and his haunting exhibit has stayed with me ever since.

I was thinking about it again this week as I played with some pretty hibiscus flowers. My daughter and I often plan fairy wardrobes using upturned flowers as dresses and skirts. We Irish grow up amidst much lore about the wee folk and search for their houses in the forests and glades. It is part of the magic in the soil and the air in Ireland (perhaps in the Guinness too) that enchants me each time I return home.

In fact here is a fairy house we found just last month on a visit home, not too far from Dublin.

Fairy House
Fairy Cottage – sssshhhh

Fairies and dancers aside, I like my table art to inspire a little day dreaming.

This week I was pulling together some shades of jade, a little moody yet vibrant and enigmatic. I was swirling a flower blossom in a teacup and watching her petal skirts ruffle as they danced. There was no dancer, there was no music, but a fairy would have been proud to wear this skirt. The shades of green reflect the Emerald Isle and the sparkle is in the fairies eye as she dances away, disappearing into the sunset of her gown.

Flower in a Teacup
Flower in a Teacup
Table Art storyboard
Table Art – my storyboard
Having fun with table decorating
Having fun with table decorating

The little parrot is a whimsy and because he is aquamarine green and the Jo Malone scented candle (Wild Fig and Cassis), well that just smells so good and I love the colour combination of deep burgundy with the jade and the dark sparkles.

Make your table look pretty this week, be eccentric and playful and enjoy each moment you spend there.

Antigua has cooled down marginally this week but the party scene is hotting up with the arrival of ‘The Season’. More on that next week. Right now I am swatting some mosquitoes and enjoying some herbal tea on a Saturday night in. I am really enjoying sharing these stories with you and love and appreciate the feedback, so thank you for joining in.

Peace and love x.

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