“Set the Table!” … Setting the scene – Seaside Themed Table

‘Click your heels together three times and say “There’s no place like home” and you’ll be there’. We’ve all heard this quote plenty of times, but wouldn’t it be nice if when you actually arrive home some little fairies have magically cleaned and organised your home and dinner is served on a prettily laid table?

I am that fairy!

I was recently creating a Welcome Home table setting for clients that live by the sea, but who have been away in the mountains for a while. I wanted it to reflect ‘them’ so that they would really feel like they had arrived back to the place that they love.

As their home is overlooking the sea, I took a walk around the gardens and the beach area. Wow, it is so charming here in Antigua: I just love being surrounded by the floral and vibrant colours and greens of the gardens, and then the beaches are truly extraordinary – each one has its own character and its own designs. Being enveloped by such wild beauty inspires my more artistic side and lifts me up each day.

I chose a really simple driftwood colour theme for this beach look, in fact it reflects the colours of their local pebble beach – shades of white and grey.

Beach / Seaside Table Decorations for a Dinner Party
Beach / Seaside Table Decorations for a Dinner Party

It is a real beachcombers table as I collected almost everything on the beach in front of the house.

I filled a tall vase with pieces of wood that were scattered along the shore. The centrepiece is a piece of driftwood that I chanced upon and scattered some tealights along it.

I simply used some pretty glass dishes to display sand and dried coral, along with symmetrical sea urchin shells.

Welcome Home by the Sea table decorations
Welcome Home by the Sea table decorations

For the napkin folds, I wanted them to reflect the sea, so I created the simple wave fold and decorated them with single seashells.

Napkins folded for a themed table decoration
Napkins folded for a themed table decoration

It felt really nice to create a themed table decoration for a simple dinner party for three, using all natural items that I found nearby. The clients appreciated coming home to their Home, without being overwhelmed by an overly fancy arrangement. It would be fun to add more elements to the table to create a more dramatic look – crystals, books tied with string, and fresh white flowers would really give it a lift too, however I just didn’t have access to any on this particular day.

Styling is one of my favourite aspects of my job – it gives me an element of freedom and artistic creativity. I think Pinterest is such a useful tool on days when my inspiration is low, but generally I like to just feel the mood and bring it together slowly. I almost always use a colour as my main theme and draw in the elements around that basis.

At my own home this week, our Sunday craft for the kids and I, was painting wine bottles: it was hot and the main objective was to hide out from the heat of the midday sun and for me to find a way of sitting down for a few minutes (life with kids is BUSY!) hence there we were with our paintbrushes, (empty!) wine bottles (hic!), and our ideas. We listened to some divine classical piano music on mixcloud.com and tried not to get too much paint everywhere …… now we have a new centrepiece for the table with our 3 tall and proud painted ‘candlesticks’.

PS, note to self – my kids do some ‘art’ every day, now I want to find time to do a little here and there too – it just feels so good.

PPS- thanks for reading. As this blog grows I am enjoying the lovely feedback and the welcome from the blogging community. Denis Cotter (a wonderful Irish chef) once said that blogging is like whistling into the wind, but every now and then I think that someone whistles back and it makes it all worthwhile and more, so thank you.



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