Wow your guests from the start: 1 gorgeous Dinner Party Centrepiece



Picture the scene: You’ve been languishing by the pool all afternoon, alternating between reading ‘The Girl on the Train’ and water aerobics / synchronised swimming (nobody is watching, so it is all ok), whilst intermittently enjoying a coffee and a sparkling water. 5pm rolls around and you head up to your bedroom and have a spa shower – you use all of your best products – deep conditioner, exfoliate, face mask, cuticle oil and nail polish. When you emerge buffed and scented, you come downstairs: the living room is filled with scented candles, the lamps are dim and Edith Piaf resonates gently through the speakers. You purposefully walk into the kitchen where the chef is labouring and check on the preparations. Your housekeeper offers you a glass of champagne and you gladly accept as you hear a knock on the door and your dinner guests arrive.

Behind the scenes the housekeeper stylist has plumped the cushions, dusted the surfaces, selected the flowers, planned the scene, polished the glasses, sprinkled the crystals, chilled the champagne, checked her makeup and smiles to greet the arrivals.

The chef has carefully thought about the seasonal vegetables, the freshly caught fish and the wine that the Italian supplier has newly secured. The produce has been squeezed, smelt and purchased, chopped, chilled and mixed. Finally, as the guests arrive the soup is tested and seasoned, the bread comes out of the oven and the aperitifs are arranged on the plate.

The housekeeper shows the guests through to the living room and the glasses are tinked in toasts to each other. You love entertaining.

The housekeeper loves entertaining too. In fact, it is her creative passion.

If you are having a dinner party and don’t have the housekeeper, the chef, the pool, etc! ….. put a little time aside from the endless cooking, to make the place look pretty too. Or get takeout, and make the place look special. It will be worth it.

Here is a table that I recently prepared on a teeny weeny spend (7 stems and 4 limes):








Would you like to come for dinner here?

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