VIDEO: How to create a Tropical Themed Table Decoration / Centrepiece

In this weeks video I am sharing a table decoration that I put together for a simple family dinner in an elegant Caribbean home. If you can’t see the above video click here.

For all of my centrepieces, it is rare that I purchase anything new, rather using the treasures that I find around the home and bringing them together around simple design principles.

I take into account the tone of the evening – is it a gentleman’s supper, a gathering of ladies, a dinner to impress clients, a family reunion or perhaps a themed event? The weather, the season, the menu are all things that I consider too.

I often take my inspiration from a single object and pick out the colours that match and add some elements from nature to bring it to life. On a limited budget, picking flowers or greenery from the garden or hedgerow are your best bet.

We are lucky here in Antigua that there is a year round supply of bright tropical flowers and long lasting greenery all around (just beware of the creepy crawlies!).

When you decorate a table for dinner it is important to sit in all of the chairs once it is complete, as a little tester to check what view each guest will have, and to see that they can still see each other! It is so easy to put together a really pretty arrangement in the centre of a round table and then realise that you actually have to remove it once everyone sits down as it is just too tall. You will have quite a different perspective when you are sitting down!

You will see from the video that I plucked my inspiration for this tablescape from the homeowner’s elephant ornament that I found. I was then able to move with the dark colour scheme of the elephant and incorporate just two other colours – green and pink, and some textures and patterns to attract the eye. The napkin folds always adapted to suit the theme of the decoration as well. For this particular tropical and jungle theme, the ‘bird of paradise’ fold ties in perfectly.

I used a scented candle, which I wouldn’t normally do as it can interfere with the tasting of the food. However, this candle ‘Bois de Lune’ by Manuel Canovas has a lovely woody scent which lingers even when not lit so it added to the theme of the decorations.

If you are looking for some more inspiration for fun table decorations, have a look at my posts ‘Wow your guests from the start‘ and ‘A floating Teacup Centrepiece‘ and ‘Mrs Tittlemouse Does Dinner‘ and ‘A Seaside Themed Table‘.


A simple yet elegant, tropical centrepiece for the dinner table
A simple yet elegant, tropical centrepiece for the dinner table
Bird of Paradise Napkin Fold
Bird of Paradise napkin fold
Manuel Canovas 'Bois de Lune' scented candle
Manuel Canovas ‘Bois de Lune’ scented candle

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