Work With Me

Great to see you have made it this far!

“Remember to smile at the world so that the world can smile back.”

For editorial input: that is visionaries whose creative story needs to be told and shared, products that are being launched and exhibitions or events that are being held, drop me a line and we can discuss what it would mean to work together. I like to think that each interview I have done has created a new friendship. At the moment this is reflected exclusively in the Caribbean, particularly Antigua, in the areas of art, design, fashion, food and style. These posts offer no remuneration either way, just a way to share the boundless creativity of the islands.

For guest posts, drop me a line with a plan of the story that you want to share. Links will reflect back to your website or blog. Collaborations always work well! Likewise, I often write posts for other sites so if you would like me to join your network let me know.

For advertising, making a living from creating is the goal, and I am no different. Contact me for rates and guidelines to share good looking products to the regular readers on this site.

If you would like to collaborate / discuss / throw ideas around / meet for a coffee / let the world see what we can do, please email me entitled ‘Work With Me’ at



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